We pride ourselves on the reputation our support services have. We understand that it doesn’t matter how good the software is if the support isn’t up to scratch.

Assisi is supported by a “Live call answering” service. That is, we pick up the phone and support you there and then. We try to resolve any issues in the first call wherever possible.

Our friendly support team is based in the UK and manned by people with years of experience supporting veterinary PMS systems.

Some users prefer to communicate by email, so we have an online support portal which allows you raise tickets or check progress on tickets you have raised. The portal also includes a Knowledge base and reports library.

Visit Contact Us to find the numbers.



Companion Animal

Assisi has features designed specifically to allow the efficient processing of clients and patient activity in your companion animal clinic.

User definable appointment books, work flow patterns, price lists will allow you make to Assisi fit in with your practices priorities whilst adding efficiency.

Advance loyalty scheme management is built into Assisi allowing the potentially complex job of applying the rules and managing membership to be completely automated.



Farm & Equine

Plan visits using powerful map features.

Unlike most PMS software Assisi was developed to treat Farm & Equine work with equal gravity alongside companion animals.

Use advanced discount management processes to build complex bespoke packages for your clients to give your practice the competitive edge it needs.

Enter work onto client account as and when it is carried out throughout the month. Print, review and modify this work to produce a single invoice at the end of the month. Invoices are posted to Assisi’s advanced “Open Item” ledger and can be sent to the client by email, if required, or printed. Work can be collected on farm using mobile devices or entered at the practice in the traditional way.

Of course, detailed stock control and batch number tracing is all integrated seamlessly into your daily work routine.

Plan your visits with our equine and large animal specific appointment book features and integrated appointment mapping.

Also, take a look at the OffSite mobile app for iOS and Android.




How much are you spending on printers, toner, paper and postage? If you calculate it, we think you might be surprised.

Printing an A4 invoice can cost 7p. If the invoice is for an account customer add the cost of an envelope (5p) and postage (64p). Multiply this the number of invoices you send, add labour costs and WOW!

Assisi gives you the option to send all your invoices, statement and receipts by PDF email direct to your client’s inbox. This feature alone can allow Assisi to pay for itself!



OffSite Mobile App

Assisi OffSite mobile App.

Assisi OffSite is a mobile app for iOS and Android which allows you to download your appointments to your phone or tablet device.

Your device will hold your entire price list and stock holdings for your nominated stock location including batch numbers where appropriate.

You can book chargeable work and clinical notes to a specific animal’s record and sync this back to the in-practice computer system when you have a suitable mobile or WIFI connection. It will appear on the animal’s record for processing complete with any custom pricing.

Your device will allow you to hold fully searchable records for all active animal records including clinical histories. This allows you to book work for animals on an ad-hoc basis rather than limiting you to animals on your visit list. Very useful when visiting, for example, a livery yard.

Work booked on the phone can be reviewed, modified or deleted on the phone prior so syncing or on the in-practice Assisi system after syncing.



Integrated Payment Processing

PDQ Machine.

Assisi seamlessly integrates with PDQ card processing machines. Removing the need to "Double Key" amounts, speeding up reception and eliminating errors.



Appointment Self Attendance

Use selft attendance terminals to allow clients to inform you they have arrived with queuing at a busy reception desk.

The screen displays and logos can be customised to show the practices branding.

For large practices the terminals can optionally give specific instructions about proceding to other parts of the building to wait depending and the appointment type or location.

Self Attendance



Making Tax Digital

Easily transfer information to the most popular general accounting packages to comply with the new HMRC regulations which come into force in April 2019.

Making Tax Digital.



Document Control

Assisi integrates seamlessly with both Microsoft Office and Apache OpenOffice allowing the production of beautiful tailored printed output.

MS Office and OpenOffice.



Signature Capture

Capture signed copies of important consent documents there and then. Seamlessly stored against the patients record with no intervention required from you.

Get clients to sign treatment estimates during the consultation and store them for easy retrieval in case of future disputes.

Making Tax Digital.



Online Booking

Publish appointments on your practice web site and allow clients (new and existing) to book appointments when it suits them while you retain complete control of the times available for booking.



Cloud Data Backup

Automatically backup your core practice data to a secure online folder with geographically diverse servers keeping multiple copies safe and secure. All data is encrypted with 128 Bit EAS for total security. Retrieve backed up data quickly and easily with the click of a button.



Advanced Stock Control

Stock control on Assisi is completely optional but if you choose to use it then it is the most advanced stock control system available on any practice management system.

Key features are:

  • Split units
  • Multiple Suppliers
  • Electronic Ordering
  • Recommended ordering
  • Multiple stock holding locations
  • Batch tracing
  • Full movement audit
  • Nett Nett pricing
  • Auto labelling
  • Stock take module
  • Branch price differentials
  • Automatic information sheet printing
  • Meat and Milk withdrawals
  • Automated SMS reminders (wormers etc.)
  • Special Price lists
  • Web links
  • Specie Specific Pricing
Advanced Stock Control



Recurring Revenue

Assisi offers many facilities to maximise your practice’s options for generating recurring revenue with the minimum amount of effort.

Loyalty schemes

Assisi allows you to define and easily maintain membership of loyalty schemes maximising footfall from your clients and aiding cash flow with a steady monthly income.

Automated Wormer/Fleas Compliance Messaging

Assisi allows you to automatically message your clients who have had specific products on a schedule you define. The message is to prompt the use of the product on specific dates. This has the benefit of ensuring your clients comply with the required usage instructions but also drives recurring sales. This mechanism has been shown to increase sales of wormers and flea products by up to 40%.

Vaccine Reminders

Traditional reminders for vaccines and other products and services can be printed, mail merged, exported, emailed or sent direct by SMS

Direct Marketing

Select your clients based on any criteria and save them into a “Hit List”. You can maintain this list by adding or removing on an ad-hoc basis before using it as the basis of your marketing campaigns. Campaigns can be driven by phone, SMS, mail or simply exported for provision to a third party.



Key Performance Indicators

Monitor your practice’s performance with the press of a button. No need to feed sensitive data to third parties because it’s so easy to do it yourself. Our KPI reports have been built using both our and our client’s years of experience.



IDEXX VetConnect Plus and other Lab integration

Assisi tightly integrates with IDEXX VetConnect Plus allowing you to directly order from within Assisi, fully completing the ordering process including completion of any test specific details the lab requires. Full and partial results are directly downloaded and attached to the clinical record. You can also, direct from the Assisi record, browse the VetConnect Plus portal for the animals results including IVLS and reference lab results.

Lab Integration

Assisi also seamlessly integrates with a range of in house lab equipment and with most of the leading reference labs who support VetEnvoy. Test requisitions for both internal machines and reference labs are entered during the course of the client consultation. The price for the tests requested will be calculated automatically using the rules you apply.

Lab Integration Lab Integration



eClaims Manmagement

Assisi allows you to process insurance claims quickly and easily. Electronic claims via VetEnvoy to participating insurance companies are paid more quickly than manual claims.

Lab Integration Lab Integration



Microchip Registration

Assisi supports direct registration of id chips to all major chip brands via VetEnvoy. The process is integrated into the consultation process and includes automatic pricing.

Lab Integration



Data Migration Table

Legacy Product

Migration to Assisi Offered



Teleos Systems


Merlin (Jupiter Systems)



Complete, No setup required.


Complete, No setup required.

RoboVet 3/4/5














AT Systems




ProVet Cloud







Assisi is built around the Microsoft SQL Server database product. As well as a number of predefined “Standard” reports supplied with Assisi you can download a library of literally hundreds of reports from our solutions web portal. These can be accessed via keyword search to allow you easily find what you want, or you could simply contact our friendly support team and tell them what your requirements are and they will suggest the best report for your needs. If we don’t have a report which meets your needs, which is unlikely, we offer a report authoring service. For the more adventurous among you, Assisi contains a report building tool to allow you to build your own custom reports.



Assisi System Benefits

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